King: Want and Hard Work Essay

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Qualities that help you succeed One of the major desires that everyone has discovered for living is to be successful in their life. It is very important to be successful in every facet of life for example in relationships, businesses, families, and jobs. The main formulas for success are motivation, skills and knowledge. There are no shortcuts in success because it takes hard work and dedication to reach success. I have some qualities that help me to be successful in life which are hard work, staying focused, and being creative.
The first important thing to be successful in life is being a hard worker. I work 4 days a week and I do not leave any work for tomorrow. I want to stay focused on one major desire and do go for it, no matter what the circumstances are or the state of things at the moments presenting to me. The people who are successful know what they need to accomplish and how to separate what is and what is not important for them in their daily activities. They always understand their position. They also don’t even get involved into many projects at a time. They always make certain projects, which they followed or already planned. Creativity is the ability to do something different then others. Creative people are those who make new solutions to old problems. They get things done in a different way or find a totally different approach for usual events and incidents.
In conclusion, we all have different skills, qualities and desires to be successful in our