Essay on Kinsey Response

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Sex researchers may still face some challenges on acquiring sex information, but it is not as bad as how it was back then. Back in the old ages, sex researchers had a much more difficult time acquiring sex research because of the whole “hush-hush” dilemma. Thanks to the movie Kinsey, we have a perspective on the challenges sex researchers faced back in the old days, when even the word “sex” was not to be mentioned. In the movie, Dr. Kinsey faced a couple of challenges regarding both, his sexual intimacy and his sex research. Kinsey’s problem in the beginning was that he had a sexual problem with his wife; Kinsey was not able to have a pleasurable sexual experience for the first time. After having experimented with his wife, he actually got to knowing some more about sex, which led him to become a sex researcher. Becoming a sex researcher was another problem for Kinsey because at that time, many people did not even know there was much more to know about sex and the huge problem overall was that people at that time, were not as open to sex, so they put it off as never having done any of that. It was also a problem Kinsey faced because his father was not okay with what Kinsey was trying to pursue. Back then, there weren’t open sexual intercourse programs so it was a “big” thing for everyone to even come about talking about it. For sex researchers, it became a challenge to acquire information on sex from other people. For example, it was very hard for Kinsey to even get some information on the sex lives from people because many were so closed-minded on the topic. All Kinsey knew about sex was his own experience with his wife. Kinsey tried new sexual things with his wife that he was very much curious about for his own research, although this might have led to facing more challenges in his marriage. Since he could not get everything he wanted to know about sex with just experiencing sexual pleasure with his wife, he became more curious about sex and eventually cheated on his wife with a man. I can see now how sex researchers, especially the ones that started out on this, had a difficult time getting information of sexual experiences from people, so they thought of having to cheat or experience for themselves what it would be like. This, I am sure brought a lot of problems into a sex researcher’s marital life. Kinsey experienced first-hand the sexual sensations with a man, which added more to his research and knowledge about sex and homosexuality. Other sex researchers might even be curious as to how it is to have sex with animals, or how animals interact sexually. Not just problems within a marriage might have occurred with sex researchers, but also problems with the sexual researcher’s family as well. For example, as I mentioned below, Kinsey’s father was not okay with Kinsey becoming a sex researcher since it was something not to be exposed or talked about back