Health 1000 Unit 3 Study Aid Essay

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HLTH 1000
Exam 3 Study Guide
Sleep and Your Health (Workbook)
· How much of our life do we actually spend sleeping? 1/3
· Maintaining a structured 8 hours of sleep can help you maintain or even lose weight.
· What are 5 emotional effects of sleep deprivation? Lower anger threshold, increased irritability, increased frustration, increased nervousness, difficulty in handling stress
· If you feel alert during the day then you are probably getting enough sleep.
· Approximately how long does it take a well-rested person to fall asleep at night? 15-20 mins
· You cannot cancel your sleep debt by sleeping more on the weekends.
· During what stage of sleep do we dream? REM
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(Page 222) The fertilization of a female egg with male sperm
· A fertilized egg is called a (Page 222) Zygote
· Why should you only use water-based lubricants with latex condoms? (WB) Other lubes weaken condom and cause breakage
· List the 4 different contraceptive options (methods). (Page 223) Natural, barrier, hormonal, surgical
· Which methods of contraception require a prescription? (224)
· Even if the man can exert the required self-control using the withdrawal method (“pulling out”), pregnancy can still occur because the pre-ejaculate fluid may contain sperm. (Page 227)
· How does the pill work to prevent pregnancy? (WB) Suppresses ovulation
· Are emergency contraceptives the same as “abortion pills?” (WB) No, if a pregnancy as already occurred they are ineffective
· After abstinence, what contraceptive method is the next best defense against STIs? (WB) Latex condoms
· By themselves, are spermicides considered very effective in preventing pregnancy? (WB) No
· A woman creates all of her eggs while she’s still in the womb. (WB)
· List some of the early signs of pregnancy. (Page 233) · At 8 weeks, what is the embryo called? (WB) Fetus
· The heart is one of the first organs that actually works during the early weeks of pregnancy.