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Goals Essay

My passion for helping individuals, children and families in need to become self-sufficient and emotionally whole in today’s society is the reason why I want to pursue a graduate degree in counseling psychology. I have an unquenchable longing to focus my lifetime career goal on strengthening the mental and emotional core of individuals and to witness that strength manifest in the community. I have a devout interest in family dynamics. This interest has developed in me a keen sense of realizing the importance of individual health and wholeness of the mind to promote family stability.

My personal contribution to the field of counseling psychology is a direct reflection of my childhood heartbreaks. The incredible healing process has led me to a point of my life where I can relate to my potential clients and articulate genuine concern for their struggles. Because of my past and my desire to expand my knowledge in the field of counseling psychology, I feel I can offer substantial support to individuals or to the public.

Creating a trusting environment for clients is the primary role of the counselor in a therapeutic setting. Trust has been a tried and true occurrence in every type of interactive relationship. Counseling others is no different than cultivating a friendship or bonding with a newborn. Respecting the client regardless of the present issue that surrounds them allows the client to trust their therapist with their concerns and problems. I believe that a client’s trust allows the therapist a generous leeway in exercising openly the acquired knowledge that a well- rounded education and insight gave them.

Developing a client’s treatment plan is focused primarily on being client centered. The resources I would use for a treatment plan would consist of the goals and objectives of the client, the client’s living environment, past and present medical concerns, cultural information, financial status, legal issues and vocational achievements. As a counselor, I would rely on their strengths and abilities that the client has expressed to me so the treatment plan is individualized and achievable.

Empathy is one of the strengths that I have for being a psychological counselor. I am a good listener. I am able to be present in my potential client’s moment. I have an inviting nature about me that allows the client to be comfortable enough to honestly express pressing issues that is disrupting their life. I can quickly establish appropriate boundaries with the client so no questionable situations conflict with the client’s therapy and my credibility. Respecting individuals and families is another strength that I uphold. I understand and encourage diversity, so being able to respect another’s viewpoint, if it is not a danger to the individual or others, is paramount.

The areas of concern I have about pursuing counseling