Essay on Knowledge Gained and Personal Assessment

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Assignment Four: Knowledge Gained and Personal Assessment
Kim D. Duggared
HRMN 495
Professor Jimmy Adkins
11 October 2015
University of Maryland University College in Europe

Introduction and Purpose
The purpose of this paper is to drawn knowledge gained during this capstone class and classes that have been taken during this degree program. The concept chosen, that is to represent key concepts, related to the key knowledge areas in Human Resources is Employee Engagement
Academic definitions of the key terms
Blessing white from the division of GP strategy defines employee engagement as “ the intersection of maximum contribution for the organization and maximum satisfactory for the individual,” (,
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Your personal evaluation of your own competencies in the concept area
As a prior Human Resource specialist in the United States Air Force looking back over my career, initially I was the “honeymooner” high on satisfaction but not yet up to speed in what I was responsible for. As years began to pass with promotion in rank, the status changed to the area of the APEX model that defines employee engagement, meaning the intersection of maximum contribution for the organization and maximum satisfaction, in this sustainable level of high performance that mutually benefited both parties (, 2013). How you will continue to develop your competencies in the area and how you will apply the concept in your own organization
A great way to continue to develop and apply competencies in the area of employee engagement would be to focus on four main areas or tasked in the organization listed as follows:

Workplace culture: Culture sets the tone for employee engagement. Research shows that organizations that provide a workplace culture with the psychological conditions of meaningfulness (job enrichment, work-role fit), safety (supportive manager and co-workers) and