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Kaleigh Powell
MUS-223 History of Music
Professor Cook
Music Philosophy Paper “‘Rock and roll,’ itself blues music term for sex, suggested rebellion and abandon as much as it did a new style of music when it first jarred adult sensibilities in the 1950s. ‘When you’re growing up,’ says Jerry Kramer, a prominent director of music videos, ‘you like rock and roll for one reason: Because your parents don’t’ (“What entertainers are doing to your kids,” U.S. News & World Report, October 28, 1985, page 47)”. This is the opinion of Jerry Kramer on the philosophy of Rock & Roll specifically when it first started in 1950’s. The actual phrase ‘Rock and Roll’ emerged as code words for sexual intercourse in blue songs. In 1922, the words rock and roll appeared on a record for the first time. That record, Trixie Smith’s “My Daddy Rock Me (with one Steady Roll),” went on to inspire other blue songs. Rock and roll is a genre of music that can be traced back to the early formation of our country. However, rock and roll really becomes known in early 1940’s. It really becomes a type of popular dance music originating in the 1950’s, characterized by a heavy beat and simple melodies. Rock and roll was an amalgam of black rhythm, blues, and white country music. Generally, based on a twelve-bar structure and an instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums. Now that we know what Rock and roll meant, when it became popular, what it generally consisted of sounding like, it’s time to know how it affected people. Personally, I believe Jerry Kramer’s opinion on the philosophy of Rock and roll is similar to my own opinion on Rock and roll. I agree with his opinion because it completely honest about how rock’s message affected a society. I can relate the way rock affected the 50’s to genres today and how they affect our present society in 2014. Kramer’s philosophy remains true to how Rock and roll influenced people. Kramer specifically chose the 1950’s in his opinion to make his point about the philosophy of rock and roll during that decade. To understand Kramer’s opinion it’s vital to be aware of how the 1950 lifestyle was. Prior to the 1950’s the youth all assimilated to the lifestyle and culture of their parents. This idea of creating a nuclear family, and following the footsteps of their elders robbed the youth of their most vital quality of life, their freedom. After carefully analyzing Kramer’s opinion I think he chose to start off with what Rock and roll actually means and stands for a reason. Following those words Kramer makes a point to address how rock and roll “jarred adult sensibilities in the 1950s”. The whole basis of Kramer’s opinion was about the message and suggestions rock and roll gave to people, especially the parents of the 1950’s. Around the mid- 1950’s, there was a rise in youth culture. World War II was ended, this gave middle class teens the time to be teens, relax and enjoy the cultures around them. There was radio, records, movies, new genres of music which all portrayed a similar underlying message: rebellion. The youth embraced rhythm and blues for its sound, the beat and teenagers knew their parents would not approve of these songs after hearing the lyrics. Referring to what Kramer said “you like rock and roll for one reason, because your

parents don’t like it.” Kramer was a successful and intelligent music video producer, he created videos and stars to match what the people wanted to see and hear. Kramer knew which viewer audience to appeal to which was the youth, there were more of them and they had their parent’s money. According to Kramer’s opinion rock and roll gave off the message