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Unit 1 Assignment
Chapter 1 Review Q&A
1. The goal of science is to explore and understand our universe and how it works. To explain events in the natural world, and to use those explanations to make useful predictions.

2. Observing is when one gets a sense of how nature behaves. Measurements provide an exact description when something something's and how often.

3. Because it allows them to interconnect their outcomes in compact form, frequently as an added assistance and it allows them to make very accurate predictions about expected outcomes of experiment or observations.

4. Physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, and biology. It relates to the “web of knowledge” because everything is connected.

5. The steps of the scientific method are observation, hypothesis, hypothesis testing, empirical law, and theory.

6. Hypothesis is a faltering guess about how the world works, based on a summary of experimental or observational results and formulated so that it can be tested by experimentation. Theory is a description of the world that covers a fairly large number of marvels and has met many observational and experimental tests.
Prediction is a guess about how an actual system will be stagger, followed by observations to see if the system did perform as expected within a definite range of situations.

7. With observation, we observe nature without influencing it. When we experiment, we influence some portion of nature and observe the outcome.

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