Lab 2 Essay

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Michael Pham
March 20, 2015
Lab #2
1. Although both bonobos and chimpanzees share 98% of their DNA with humans, I think bonobos are more similar in behavior to humans. Bonobos and chimpanzees can use tools and also somewhat communicate with humans using sign language. In chimpanzee society, the male is the most dominate figure, while in bonobo society it is the female who holds the highest rank. Bonobos are sexually active, and scientists believe this is why they are more peaceful than chimpanzees. In human society, we started off as a partriarchal society where men hold power and make the decisions. However, now women have taken part in positions of authority, such as the females in bonobos, and are figures of their own family. Also, I believe humans are more peaceful than violent and will seek ways to maintain peace rather than fight. This is why I believe bonobos are more similar to humans than chimpanzees.
2. Bonobos and other primates make poor pets because their natural instinct is to be in the wild. They cannot be domesticated like dogs and controlled. Diseases that the bonobos and other primates carry can be transmitted to humans. Their behavior can also change unsuspectingly. This will be problematic to keep them as pets because one second their behavior can be calm, while the other it can be extremely violent. As humans we want them as pets because we think it will be cool, but without full knowledge and understanding of bonobos and other primates, not only are we putting ourselves in danger, but the animals as well.
3. The solution I would provide in regards to the bushmeat trade in Central and West Africa would be to implement better and more federal programs to aid people in feeding themselves and their families. If people were well fed and not starving to the point where they would have to eat bushmeat, then there would be no need for it. Also, to strengthen and enforce laws prohibiting eating and or selling