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In this speech discussion, I will outline the economic and political climate that any company should put into consideration before they plan on investing in international or foreign companies. In addition, I will also discuss on the managerial and labor climate. For one when a country plans of investing in foreign countries, it is necessary for the company to conduct a risk analysis. The risk analysis is beneficial to a company since it helps it determine whether it will run into losses or profits. For example in this case of the Canadian Company which wants to venture in the UK market, it should first determine the political climate of UK. From the research that I conducted, I realized that the political climate in the UK is very favorable for the Canadian Company. I also realized that the UK government is very stable. In the UK, there are neither internal nor external conflicts. What I also got to understand is that the UK had a lot of trade relations with the Canada.
On the issue of economic climate, the country has been very favorable since it has a lot of banking and insurance industries. I also got to understand that the country was marked with a lot of manufacturing sectors which even made the economy of the country to be even stronger. ( next slide )
The other two factors I carried some research on in the UK, were the managerial and labor climate. From my research, I got to understand that UK had a favorable managerial and labor climate. For one, there is a lot of skilled labor force in the country. The country also upholds high standards of labor rights which are to be respected with each and every organization. In the labor rights for example, I realized that the workers in that country are entitled to pay sick leave and