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Marketing is the promotion or advertising a product for selling purposes. There are many forms of marketing. Advertising, branding your product and sales promotion are just some of the many ways organizations market a product. Marketing is a tool used to draw people to your product. Through the process of marketing individuals are able to draw profit to their business. There is a plan of action to consider when you are trying to market your product. You have to know your target audience. If you are marketing a product that may not be agreeable to the people to the people in that particular area then you will not make a profit. If a entrepreneur were trying to market his/her business serving cheeseburgers, then trying to market in a demographic where there are a lot of vegetarians would not be a wise idea.
Marketing also gives the company to a chance to create their own identity. This part of the marketing process is very vital. An organization without an identity is a failed organization. If Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, the NBA, etc… did not have an identity they would not be as popular as they are. I think that any successful organization definitely has an identity, which can be attributed to great marketing. Marketing gives consumers a chance to choose what product they want to purchase. Creating an identity is very necessary in creating your brand. This process also distinguishes your product from the competition
There are multiple ways to profile your product. Newspapers are a great tool for the masses to get an idea for the product being displayed. With the limited use of newspaper the internet has become a primary source of advertising marketing. The internet has given organizations the ability to market their product. The internet has the ability to market internationally as well. It is very common for the internet to market products in the form of applications. One of the oldest forms of marketing is through television commercials. This form of marketing is still very effective. Products have been