Larceny Essay

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November 27, 2013

Larceny is defined as the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another from his or her possession with intent to convert them to the takers own use. To say it plainly, larceny is stealing someone else’s property. No matter what reasons there are behind stealing, it is still wrong. I imagine there are many reasons for a person to decide that it is worth the risk to steal something. There are certain people who do not think this is wrong to steal someone else’s property. A large part of this is because people do not understand who or what they are harming when they steal. Most people who commit larceny do not look at the big picture and realize what they are doing and how it affects
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When more and more stores close, the prices will rise because there is no competition so stores can charge whatever they want. This hurts the whole community who will have to pay more money for items and the customers who don’t illegally steal. When stores begin shutdown, jobs are lost this is very harmful to the economy. Larceny is very selfish are causing hard working people to lose their jobs. These are citizens who are honest and pay for things like everyone else. Larceny deprives communities of important resources that could be used for better things. The police department is one of the extremely important resources that could be used for better things than larceny. Larceny not only causes prices to rise but uses honest peoples tax dollars when they have to call the police to deal with this kind of thing. The police department has more important things like murder and rape to focus on than larceny. While this happens, there are other important issues occurring where people’s lives could be at risk and police resources are needed. People who commit larceny need to think about the safety of others and not just their own when they are wasting the police departments resources. Not only do the police departments get misused so does the judicial system. Stealing is still wrong and a very important issue to be addressed so the courts still need to address this issue. People do not realize what they do to the