Latino Family Therapy

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RUNNING HEAD: Counseling the Latino/a American 6

Counseling the Latino/a American
Alexis Smith
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Dr. Perkins

Throughout research, providing effective clinical strategies for addressing issues that frequently confront Latino families, such as different migration histories, experiences of racial discrimination, acculturation conflicts, and other cultural experiences can result from adapting to a new cultural setting (Sue & Sue, 2013). The need for multicultural competent counselors is indicated by the rapid growth of minority groups in the country. The United States is quickly becoming more culturally diverse with the Latino population becoming one the largest ethnic groups in the country. As per McGoldrick, Giordano, & Garcia-Preto (2005), counselors can develop characteristics that are necessary for effective counseling and therapy, thus including characteristics in working with Latino families. They also concluded the need for clinical interventions that address many relationships in regards to Latino/a
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