Leadership Point Paper

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Leadership Point Paper
“The Dark Knight”

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Batman, the main character in the “Dark Knight” trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan has long been a good and moral center for those who know of him, even before he became a Hollywood blockbuster. However, Batman isn’t just a superhero, he is also an everyday individual, Bruce Wayne, who faces the same dilemmas and uncertainties as any other person might encounter. The two personas, when analyzed together provide us with, be it good or bad, a holistic picture of how difficult it can be to make a decision, even if it is clearly the right decision. This essay seeks to analyze two key points from one movie in the trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises.” The first key leadership point from the film is, lead from the front as well as the back and trust your team. While Batman made an excellent solo superhero, he gradually had to learn to trust others around him to help him accomplish his mission. In this film in particular, Bruce Wayne had to trust Mr. Fox with the handling of Wayne enterprises, something they may not seem important to his role as Batman. However, the company was the major way of getting Batman the tools and gadgets he needed. Alternatively, Batman trusted Cat Woman to blow the pile of cars blocking the exits from Gotham City, a task that he could not accomplish while performing the other critical tasks required of him. And lastly, both personas entrusted Alfred with their secrets and tough decisions. Both had to learn that it wasn’t enough to always be in the middle of fighting a bad guy, there were supporting elements that must be taken into consideration and sometimes that means letting someone else take the lead. The second key leadership point of the film can be put quite simply, be there when your team needs you. Regardless of how the people of Gotham felt about him, when the city needed him, he was always on duty to rescue its citizens and guard the city. After all, he was a true leader and hero. The people of Gotham wrongly despised Batman for the murder of Harvey Dent, which is another leadership point for another time. Regardless of this,