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Course Title: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Assignment Title: Written Report – the roles, responsibilities and relationships of the teacher

Submission Date: 15th May 2013

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Date: 10th May 2013
Report of: Written Report – the roles, responsibilities and relationships of the teacher

1. Purpose of the report: To show an understanding of my role, responsibilities and relationships within in my teaching practice
1.1 I need to know which legislative requirements and codes of practice are relevant to my teaching at xxxxxxx Some of these requirements will be generic and will be relevant for all teachers, but some will be subject or organisation specific. I have a duty to behave professionally, be a role model to learners, maintain motivation in all of our sessions, teach inclusively and encourage learning. One of my main responsibilities in teaching is to uphold the Data Protection Act 1998, to ensure that all information gathered and held is kept securely and accessed by only authorized personnel and that information collected is relevant and not exessive. The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 is another area in which needs to be adhered to, as each session must begin with a risk assessment of the room and equipment to maintain my safety and the safety of my learners. I also reference all my material given to learners as hand outs or for reference as I need to adhere to the Copyright Design and Patents Act (1988).
1.2 In every session I am responsible for promoting equality, to provide all learners with the same opportunities, no matter what background, age, race or gender they originate. As I work with 16-18 year olds predominantly I also deliver training to the unemployed aged 19+, all learners therefore have the opportunity to undertake training with no relevance to prior knowledge and experience. All learners at xxxxxxxx are treated fairly and are treated with respect and dignity as stipulated in The Equality Act (2010). There is a diverse range of learners enrolled onto our courses, and all materials used within the sessions delivered is course relevant and diversity is monitored within the material to promote good practice.
1.3 My role at xxxxxx is to develop the work based employability skills of learners who wish to progress into Apprenticeships. Working alongside our Business Development Team I ensure the caliber of learners we receive are signposted to the relevant training program which will either move them directly onto an Apprenticeship or onto our Employability Programme for 6 weeks. If transferred to the employability Awards Programme, in this 6 week period they gain 4 awards in employability skills, effective thinking skills, customer service and job search & interview skills.
1.4 Each learner that is invited to xxxxxxx will have shown interest in an Apprenticeship via Connextions, but, may not be ready for the working environment when we interview them. I assess their needs and aspirations upon interview and initially test them in numeracy and literacy skills. We have a criteria to match within the interview and this outcome is discussed with the individual to signpost them correctly so a mutual decision is made on their progression route. All learners have the option to be transferred to our military section, if they have an interest in the armed forces or public sector, i.e. police force or fire brigade.

2. To discuss and understand boundaries and referral needs of learners
2.1 There are boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles. As a teacher you become a role model to your learners and they look up to you and trust you. For example: If a personal problem is made known to me via a learner and it is affecting their learning experience, I may only go so far as to sympathize with