Learning: Affect and Internal Success Factors Essay

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After reviewing the possible affects of all the external success factors, I came to conclusion that I am affected in different ways by all. First off I am somewhat affected by my home responsibilities because setting my household duties around my roommates schedules and having them follow up with there expected deuties as well can become very challenging. When all is said and done tho, we all come together to accomplish each giving task ad they all get completed around the same time so the house is able to pretty much be in order around the same time thankfully. My job responsibilities do not affect me at this time because I am currently not employed. I long for my Family and peer support so I am affected by this on a daily basis. Feels good to have somebody in your corner encouraging and rooting you on through such an intense stage in your life. My Previous Record of Academic success hasn't affected me much because this way of learning has been completely different then any previous learning style that I have endured in my past.


Reflecting upon my internal success factors, I am affected by most in different ways. Confidence in my ability to succeed in college definitely plays a big part in the outcome of my success. Having confidence in yourself as a learner will allow you to easily accomplish the task of earning better grades and becoming that successful person you long to be due to self confidence. Willingness to accept feedback and taking it upon myself to learn from it affects me because I've found it hard in the past to take constructive criticism and use it as a tool in my assignments rather then something that is downgrading what I felt may have been more then acceptable. I've allowed myself to learn from this now and apply it to better preparing future assignments. Commitment to work through difficult learning situations hasn't affected to a point where I feel I should have to be worried at this time because I have no problems with receiving acknowledge from others to help give me a better understanding to something that may appear more difficult to me then others. Readiness to communicate internal thoughts externally may have a slight affect on me because using other resources to correct and help me with my grammar skills has been a must for me. Investment of my time and energy put into my course work has affected a great bit lately because as important as it is for me to set