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Preliminary Business Studies
Final Research and Inquiry Task
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1. Business name, mission statement and important goals.
MNSI productions (Michael Natasha Senio Ignatious) is a video/ recording studio production with a mission to “provide excellent quality music and dvd's to the samoan community”. MNSI provides excellent quality church music videos streamed from different samoan christians throughout sydney, Australia which is aired on Samoan TV 3. its aim is to provide samoans a opportunity to experience churches from overseas. it also aims to provide TV 3 with Excellent quality church videos, and with this comes recognition which leads opportunites to expand in the music and videoing industry into going interstate (australia) and opening up more doors to creating different genres in their music videos.

2. Location of the business.
MNSI DVD & VIDEO PRODUCTIONS is currently based at 2 Hickler Grove Bidwill. Due to its amateur status the business is at a ordinary house however is mainly on the road travelling to different areas of sydney to record and video which benefits the customers with the flexibility of the business going to them, and also the business in finding different scenery views for videoing different icons in the area that the church located such as videoing with the backdrop of the sydney opera house (SAMOAN Catholic church, sydney diocese)

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3. Business Classification MNSI DVD & VIDEO PRODUCTIONS is a small family business which consist of 6 including the sole trader. it is structured as a sole trader owned and operated by one individual who is both owner and manager.MNSI is a service industry, also known as the tertiary sector. This tertiary sector provides service to the business and the general population. The main goal of this business is to provide TV 3 samoa with quality music videos as well as promoting the samoan community churches of Australia.

4. The Business Environment
The business environment is all determined upon different outcomes from a range of factors which could affect any company operations. these factors are more commonly divided into two categories internal and external. MNSI is an internal business environment due to the fact the the manager has control over internal influences. This will be evident in my S.W.O.T analysis

****The business environment consists of “the surrounding conditions in which the business operates. It can be divided into two broad categories: internal and external”. The internal environmental factors are the “factors over which the business has some degree of control”which are either a strength or weakness for the business. The external environmental factors are the “factors over which the business has very little control”and are either an opportunity or a threat to the business. Assessing the environment is very important to success of a business which is done by formally developing an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which is known as a S.W.O.T analysis.

The following table is a S.W.O.T analysis for MNSI PRODUCTIONS
Internal Factors
External Factors
Threats • Strong Customer Relationships • Great Team Work • Efficient when busy • High quality equipment • Good Under Pressure • Flexible & Adaptable to the environment • Excellent Reputation • low level of organisation • availability, • Low Experience level in the music and video industry • Business Expenses

• Cheaper equipment resources • new technology (Time efficient) • Availabilty of increasing staff • Increased price of equipment • New competitor on the market • Bad Weather

5. Critical Success and Failure Factors

Critical Success and Critical Failure can be very heavily impacted dependent on the factors that are