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Reflective Essay
In this essay I will be doing some reflecting based on my py0005 module, furthermore, I will then go on to explain in more depth my own strengths and weakness, further improvements on how I could improve these if I was faced in the same situation. During my course especially in the first 3- 4 weeks I felts extremely unsettled in my lessons, still do but I feel that I am now slightly getting better. The reason why I get extremely unsettled and anxious in my lessons is that I feel that I do not know what I am doing, reasons why this could be is because I do not understand most of the work that has been taught and also because I am a very shy person so I am not able to express myself well. In order to not feel as anxious as I have done I have learnt that being on time for lessons has helped me and also I talked to the module leader and another lecture about my learning and how I feel during lessons, which I have been advised to see of For example when the teacher asks the class if there is anything that has been taught no one understands I never seem to put my hand up or let alone ask the lecturers for help, there have been occasions where I have asked a particular friend but this person did not really help me just say everything has been taught in lessons. There have been several topics but I will only highlight and explain the main topics that have been taught that I did not understand in my lectures which such as qualitative and quantitative data, during past studies I knew what some of these data where but did not know till I was taught that data could be separated into both categories. Furthermore to some other aspects of work learnt in lectures I did not fully comprehend what experimental designs were this had been my first time in my lecture where I learnt about within and between groups, how to constitute an experiment as such. In my lesson during week 2 it was my first time I heard about variables iv and dv and what the differences are between them were, also that there are other factors that contribute to an experiments that could have and effect on a experiment/ results. During the duration of this particular module py0005 I have learnt what a lab report entails, memory and the different types such as chunking, levels of processing etc. Many aspects of work learnt during the duration of this particular module I had to learn independently, this meant doing further reading as suggested by lecturers, reading notes taken down in lessons and looking at other colleagues notes if I felt that I was lacking detail or information given by the lecturer. In lessons as I briefly mentioned I felt unease and extremely unsettled, mentality did not feel that I coped with what the lecturer taught as I have realized I tend to look around a lot, this is not only what I think but what one or two colleagues have actually said to me. In my opinion I would say that I am more of an independent learner but lack a lot of confidence, do not asks for help when I need so by this I am not making the most of my learning and as a individual I am not improving my learning skills. I have noticed in group work that I am quite reserved especially during the first few weeks not being put into a group, which made learning more of a struggles/ confusion as I was not sure what topic I was meant to be focusing on for my lab report so was unable to start doing any kind of research, planning as such. It was not until the fourth week I was placed into a group with other people who did not have a group, I felt inside quite happy and at peace because know I could start planning for my lab report that needed to be written up. Being put into a group I was uncertain of what people would be in my group due to what each individual would input or not, luckily enough I was in a group were all colleagues wanted to work and achieve the best they he/she could. Each one of my group members then had to think about what the topic was going to be this