The Importance Of Studying British Literature

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The Importance of Studying British Literature If you have ever wondered how our forefathers lived, taking a peek at British Literature might

quench your curiosity. Works written in English have won 26 Nobel prizes in literature, which is more

than any other language (British Literature). British Literature in important because it helps students

understand the history of a specific time period, exposes readers to new ideas, and allows readers to

experience things they would not be able to otherwise. The first reason that it is important to study British literature is because it helps students

understand history better than a textbook would. Students are more interested in when learning through

a story then a textbook. The piece of literature conveys feelings, while our textbooks are purely

factual. Students are also more likely to remember history through a story than through a textbook.

Literature has a way of making the reader interested enough to be curious about what will happen next.

Literature connects events in history while in a textbook the reader learns about each event

individually. Never have I ever heard someone reading a textbook saying, “ Oh, I wonder what will

happen next? ”.

Another reason why it is important to study British literature is because it exposes readers to

new viewpoints and ideas. When reading a piece of literature things might be said or done in the story

that will alter way of thinking. The things you read might help you take a new perspective on a certain

situation in which you had never thought about before. For example, slavery; Literature allows the

reader to view both sides of the fence on that topic. If a white man during that time was to read a piece

by a black man, the white man's ideas might change and it would allow him to learn about something

he would not have been able to if it was not