Learning and Reflection Paper

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ume as you progress through your educational experience. Stay on top of it
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Save your goal resume as one of the following file formats: DOC, DOCX, or PDF. Then, submit it in Unit VII
Unit VIII Reflection Paper
Every student studies, learns
and recalls information differently. Every student will have a unique experience as they progress through their course of study. As a result, your last assignment in SLS is to write a Reflection Paper in which you take time to reflect upon your learning e xperiences over the past eight units of material and connect them to your future progress at Columbia Southern University. Reflection involves critical thinking to examine the significance of your learning experience through insightful analysis. This assig nment requires you to add an outside source of information relevant to your topic of choice and your personal reflection. In order to support your personal opinion, select content from professional, published works
or you may use a quotation from a famous orator or writer. Any content or quotes require appropriate APA citation.
Once you have completed your Reflection Paper, submit it in Unit