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Part 1: The Learning Log

Learning log is a type of a journal that students maintain; this log provides the evidence of the leaning and skill development of the student. Part one of the report is my learning log for the MSYS212 paper that I took this semester, the learning log consists of the learnings and reflections that I had during the paper. The learnings and reflections were noted down weekly and have been compiled for this report.
Week 1
Summary of learning
First week was the starting of the course the main purpose of this week was to introduce the students to the course and let students know what they can expect from the course. The students were also informed about the effort that will go into this paper, and were also told about the strategies that they can employ to be successful in this paper. Students were also asked to register into their practical groups, but no practical was taking place till the week 3. Required readings were also outlined this week, all of this was done so that the students could prepare themselves for the following weeks. We also got a brief idea about Social Media, the role of web 2 in the social media. I also came to know that most of us these days are living a social media life.

I think this week went good, I attended the lecture, signed me into the practical group, and organised the required readings for the paper. I learnt that this paper is quite hard if it is left to the last moment, so I organised my schedule, and allotted time for study and completing my practical assignments. Practical are important part of this paper so I want to work hard and score as much marks as possible. It is good that I am part of a multicultural group; by being part in this group I will learn valuable skills that will come handy later on. The good thing that I did this week, was started taking notes in the lectures, this is one habit I will continue in this paper.
Week 2
Summary of learning
This week, the practical groups were finalised and the lessons began, there were still no practical this week, which was good in a way because this gave me a chance to settle in this paper. However, we were reminded about the pre-practical readings. I am also taking other papers, so not having too much stuff to do at once enable me to ease into this semester. We also learnt that social medial life is full of synchronous and asynchronous interactions. The ease of participations and different ways in which users can participate makes the use of social media popular. We also learnt that communication happens with help of a medium, a medium has multiple vehicles that people/companies can use to communicate. There are multiple zones in the social media these are; social community, social publishing, social entertainment, and social commerce. We also came to know the power of viral marketing.
This week was intense than the last week, I learnt many new concepts. The good thing was that I made notes and was able to follow the lecture. However, I was late into the lecture and also had to step out to take a call, this made me miss some of the lecture, and when I came back into the room it was hard for me to follow the lecture. Started doing the chapter readings and comparing my notes with the readings, this was good because reading the chapter again after the lecture was good, as I understood what was being said.
Week 3
Summary of learning
This week’s lecture we started learning more about the smart technologies; I had always heard this word but never thought much about it, this week I came to know about the things that make anything smart. I did not think that the cities could also be smart, so was good to learn more examples of smart things such as smart cars, smart grid, smart homes, and wearable devices etc. I found the interactive group sessions during the lecture good as I came to know views of my classmates; in addition, I also felt comfortable communicating and sharing my ideas. Again