Reflection Between Tutors And Tutees

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The second reflection paper is in response to “Drawing the Line between Advice and Exploration”, “Assessment and Diagnosis”, and “Strategies for Academic Success”. These papers more focus on observation and communication between tutors and tutees. What I think is particularly important here is that tutors must always see whether or not their tutees actively attend the sessions. This is because, unlike teaching, the idea of tutoring is to support a tutee to acquire his or her autonomous learning skills. In order to achieve this, I would like to take “communication” into consideration when I have sessions with my tutees. Tutees’ participation wholly attributes to whether tutors have a good communication with their tutees. Therefore, tutors must not have a one-way session, meaning that they must not always explain everything their tutees ask them. As I explained in the introduction, tutees are ideally supposed to be able to study by themselves by the end of the sessions. More concretely, I would guess many tutees might misunderstand the concept of tutoring when they come to AAC for the first time. On the step toward having a good communication between tutors and tutees, tutors need to talk with their tutees about the idea of AAC and have a general schedule and a goal setting in the first session. Then, to make their tutees participate in the sessions, tutors can use some techniques written in these three papers. For example, “Drawing the Line between Advice and Exploration” shows skills of responding. In class, we demonstrated a conversation and observed how to respond, such as repeating,