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Leave The Past Behind
As the matter of fact, the racial diversity in the world is increasing day by day. However, people just need to find out how to live comfortably with other of different history’s background. It is true that the process to overcome the past between nations and the discrimination between races takes an amount of time. Nevertheless, people nowadays are opening a new chapter of life. In reality, people all over the world now do not think about the painful past, the war or whatsoever anymore; instead, they start to shake hand, make business or lifting embargoes which last decades. In the essay, “Vietnamese Youths No Longer Look Homeward” which was written by Nancy Wride focuses and reflects on young Vietnamese
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Tran left Vietnam after the war ended and he was growing up in a different country, a better surroundings, so it’s easy to understand he does not feel the same pain as his parents.
In reality, 1.5-generation people usually have a well education and are knowledgeable so they have their own sentiments. Standing on the same position as Tran does and livings in a country always move forward, it is easy to forget about the past. Through the essay, Wride interview with many college students and even some graduated students from well-known universities and it’s also the proof that the information she got is accurately. People who have high level of education usually decide what they want to know and what they want to believe. Helen Nguyen explained that young Vietnamese are not very active in community because they’re still in a cycle of achieving dreams or follow their dreams. People are just too busy and concentrate on themselves most of the time to get what they want first such as job, money, etc. before they start thinking to something else. In fact, in her essay Wride wrote that Vietnamese parents and children barley have chance to seat down and have a proper talk and there’s a reason that parents could not express themselves fully or tell the history because one or another side does not master in Vietnamese or English. It’s easy enough to understand parents and children