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BFF 5230
Global Financial Markets
Lecture 1: Introduction to international financial markets

Do you have a disability, medical or mental health condition that impacts on your study?
The Disability Liaison Unit (DLU) provides a range of services for registered students including:

Notetakers and Auslan interpreters
Readings in alternative formats
Adaptive equipment and software
Alternative arrangements for exams

For further information and details about how to register:
03 9905 5704
Student profiles: monash.edu/equity-diversity/disability/profiles-home.html

Lecture 1: Introduction to international financial markets


Staff contact details
Prof Christine Brown (Chief Examiner)
Building H room 3.93. Office Hours Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
Email: christine.brown@monash,edu
Phone: 99031793
Ms Fiona McNabb (Lecturer)
Building H room 3.76
Email: fiona.McNabb@monash.edu
Phone: 99032765
Teaching Assistant: Ms Amanda Nguyen
Email: amanda.nguyen@monash.edu

Lecture 1: Introduction to international financial markets


The course
The course is of a topical nature
Stay abreast of what’s happening by reading the financial press (eg
Australian Financial Review, Business Spectator: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/ )
See the lecturers if you are having trouble (in their office hours)
The difference between passing and failing can often comes down to making a consistent effort in each small piece of assessment.
Work consistently throughout the semester.

Lecture 1: Introduction to international financial markets


Expectations of you as a postgraduate student
To maximise performance in this unit, students should approach the unit in a systematic way. At a minimum this should involve:
• reading the prescribed material prior to each weekly session;
• preparing solutions to each set of questions prior to the session;
• Once you receive feedback on your work on a weekly basis, you should attempt the questions again individually;
• attending sessions and participating in discussions and contributing to lectures.- reviewing material from other references from time to time;
• devoting time and effort to assessment tasks and additional problems that may be available; and attempting relevant past examinations

Lecture 1: Introduction to international financial markets





Assessment Task 1: Weekly Syndicate group
Submission and class participation.

Dependent on topic


Assessment task 2: Journal Analysis Individual assessment Week 7 - Submission on 9 September 2015.


Assessment Tasks 3: Quizzes

Two quizzes at times to be announced


Final Examination



Lecture 1: Introduction to international financial markets



Syndicate Group Formation
You are required to be in a group (has to be finalised by end of today’s class).
Once you are in a group, the next step is to go on Moodle and enrol yourself in the Group.
( make sure you remember which group you are)
Please do not enrol yourself in a group without asking the group participants.
Once you are in a group, you cannot change groups.
Groups are named as GROUP1 A- which is group A of Tuesday 9am lecture and Group 2
A, which will be Group A of Tuesday 6pm lecture.
Hence it is important that you ensure that you enrol yourself correctly.
Please Refer to Moodle, week 1 Section, Folder Group Formation
Note that it may be possible that you can be in a group of only 4 students (if students discontinue). This should not affect your work.

Lecture 1: Introduction to international financial markets


Assessment 1: Workshop- 20%
Workshops will run from week 2 – week 11 (10 weeks)
Weekly Submission – 15%
A topic paper and questions relating to the topic will be posted on Moodle ( see week tabs).
The topic will be based on the lecture for the week prior to the Workshop.
Prior to the Workshop, all students must read and prepare the issues raised and answer in