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Born in 1929 was MLK. 1951 bachelor of divinity degree.MLK was highly educated, |||| FDR’s
1934 speech that it was called the “state of the union” address, Article #2 of the constitution says that “from time to time” the president must give congress “information” on the state of the union and give recommendations. President recommended expanded paid sick leave for employees. 2 years of free community college. The presidents promised to veto any legislation concerning: Health Insurance/Obama care, new rules on wall street, immigration changes, new economic sanctions on Iran, undoing current climate change policies, \\\\\
Possible record snowstorm week of Jan 26th, US East Coast up to 3ft of snow with winds
55­65mph, up to 58 million people affected. Man in Marietta, Georgia cited for “eating while driving” under the State of Georgia’s distracted driving law which does not mention food. No driving violation was committed. Moral Equivalent: Taking 2 different situations and judging them to be the same without taking intent, previous history, and context into consideration.
ISIS publicly execute 13 teenagers for watching Asian Cup soccer match. A hollywood movie promised land. dramatizes the claims against fraching, Matt Damon stars in the matt damon stars in the movie///// Forbes magazine July 10 2013 Gasland II (jos fox) Steve Lipsky lit is garden hose on fire in a scene on gasland, the scene was ruled fraud because the hose was hooked up to a gas vent rather than water. Dr Bruce Ames ­ senior scientist at children's hospital oakland research institute. Professor emeritus of biochemistry and molecular biology at university of california berkeley. He was a member of the board of directors of the national cancer institute////// ISIS ­ islamic state in iraq and syira. ISIS is demanding the release of a failed suicide bomber in exchange for a jordanian and japanese hostage. ISIS has murdered the other japanese hostage. Syria has a secular dictatorship under Bashaar al­Assaad, Iraq is losing control of its western region as isis takes over, Iraq is struggling to maintain its democracy gained from the US victory. the country of jordan is friendly to the US and israel.
FASTEST GROWING JOBS IN MERICA’ 1) informational assurance analyst 2) IT security consultant 3) Hand Therapist 4) Lead physical therapist ///// Leader of ISIS is Abu Bakr al­Baghdadi, born in iraq in 1971, controls the most powerful Islamist army on Earth, One estimate had 31,000 ISIS soldiers/terrorists. Abu Bakr al­Baghdadi was arrested in 2005 bu
U.S. forces in Iraq but he was handed over to Iraqi military who let him go, he then honed his terrorist skills in Syrian civil war. Syria has had a civil war for te past several years with multiple groups fighting against the brutal regime of dictator Bashaar al­Assad, Islamic state is selling, crucifing, burying children alive. ISIS uses mentally challenged children as suicide bombers.///// on jan 7th 2015 the state of michigan has announced its decision to switch from the ACT to the SAT for students beginning in 2017 ­ this makes 3