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Part B
“Using the three articles you have selected, assess the need for law in the effective operations of society making reference to any three of the nine syllabus dot points covered in basic legal concepts”
The need for law in the effective operations of society is of great importance today. Without them we would have no order, no safety and security over the top of that there would be major anarchy. Anarchy is an important legal concept that refers to a state of society without government or law, there is a situation with confusion often very increasing dangerous behaviour by people in/of the society.
Law has a very deep history with society and culture it’s an extremely old concept. Why wouldn’t it be its been around for so long hundreds of years and maybe even centuries. Laws are a part of our daily lives you may ask how well they are evident in our customs, traditions and daily day to day routines for example getting up in the morning and praying or it could just be getting to work on time etc. In some way or another laws are all related to our beliefs, our ways of living and our religion etc.
Laws are put in place by governments to protect us, our rights and the basic needs of society today. They don’t just punish people for doing wrong there are there to help us, educate us, and most of all they protect us from all sorts of crimes for example rape, robbery, murder, manslaughter, assaults etc.
A case that was getting the attention of a lot of Australians in the media was the two wives but only one law. An Iraqi man well bigamist duped a Sydney women into marrying him to get an Australian visa. A month later he returned to Iraq and married another women. But according to Islamic religious belief you’re allowed to have more than 1 wife but not more than 4. According to the newspaper article he married Ms Asswad in 2009 and she applied for his permanent visa to Australia the first time she applied it was not granted by the dept. of immigration notified the migration review tribunal who had cancelled it.
Mr al said argued his case based on culture that he should be allowed to stay in Australia because having two wives was part of his culture. During this 3 year marriage Mr Saadi lived with Ms Asswad in her house for a short period of time because he would constantly return to Iraq for 5-6 months supposedly for work.
But what Ms Asswad was not aware of was that Mr Saadi’s second wife was giving birth to their son. Not going in to much detail but does the Islamic culture also say that you can use one wife and then leave her the next minute (no offence to any cultures). Ms Asswad was quite shaken up after their divorce in august 2012 se quoted “I bring him to Australia for me” just by those words you get a clear idea of her being mentally hurt.
Currently fairness has been a major issue in the media. One of the most common cases in the media that is red hot at this moment is the “Corby payment ethically wrong” it’s heard regularly on the news and around other types of media. The background on this case is that she was found guilty of drug smuggling into bail. She was found with the possession of marijuana about (4.2 kg) under Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 Corby was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by the Denpasar district court. So getting back to the case channel 7 was allegedly planning on setting a one on one interview with the former drug smuggler and in return Corby would be paid 2 million dollars how do we know this because sevens sunrise co-host David Koch hit out at his own network for reportedly agreeing to pay Corby for an interview.” PAYING large sums of money to convicted drug traffickers such as Schapelle Corby to tell their story is wrong, say leading ethicists”. If we think of it in a way of Corby being guilty of