Legalization: Family and Things Essay

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Kalimah Kerrin
Admissions Essay
North Carolina A&T
2 October 2013 The struggles I have had to overcome that got me to this point have made me stronger. The source of my hardship and my strength starts at home. My mother is my strength. She is a very strong woman who has instilled values and morals in me that have made me the young woman I am today. The hardship that I’ve had to go through was dealing with the illnesses and struggles that my mom went through. My mom has gone through many procedures and was diagnosed with two different types of cancer. This has had an effect on my life because at one point I would go to school and could not even focus on what was going on in school because I always had home on my mind. I would sometimes cry and feel sad, but I know that I couldn’t let this bring me down too far. I still had goals that I needed to accomplish and I feel I did the best I could with that. Seeing her go through the things she went through makes me appreciate what she does for me more. It did that because when she was down and couldn’t do anything it made me realize what she did for me that really helped me in life. Although she went through a lot and is also currently going through some things, she has remained strong for her family. Financially, things have always been tough for our family, especially when my mom lost her job in 2008. My Step-Dad works, however money is still an issue for us. I also have a job, I work at Taco Bell. This is my second job and I have been working here for a year and some months now. Having a job helps me to buy the things I need and I also sometimes help my mom with her needs. I don’t get paid as much so I know that I have to work a great amount of hours to get enough money. It is very tiring and sometimes I feel that I don’t get enough sleep. I have a set schedule and I very seldom take any days off, but when I do I give myself some