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Legalization of Marijuana
Purpose: The reason why I am up here is to talk about the legalization of Marijuana.

Thesis: Although you may all think that I am here to talk about the legalization of marijuana in the positive way, I am not.
I. Introduction
A. Hello fellow classmates, my name is Ivan and I am here to talk about the legalization of marijuana as it continues to grow as important controversial issue in the United States.
B. In all honesty, don’t you think it would be great just walk down your neighborhood and smoke a nice joint and enjoy nature legally? Well, in my opinion, I think that sounds fantastic, but I personally think that legalization of marijuana in the United States is a terrible idea.
C. As a person that has been around the use of marijuana and have read several articles throughout my life, I believe that I have sufficient knowledge on weed.
D. My main 3 arguments consist of how the government and businesses will control weed, American’s losing power, and addiction.

Let’s be honest here, our government as a whole is corrupt, and adding on to the big businesses such as Monsanto and Philip Morris, marijuana wouldn’t be naturally grown.
II. Body
A. Weed will not be the same if big business gets a hold of the crop.
1. According to Peter Wilson, if a big business, such as R.J. Reynolds got a hold of the patent the DNA of cannabis, they’ll do what they did to tobacco, which was turn it from a shamanic drug into an addictive commodity.
a. For example, tobacco use back then, I wouldn’t say it was safe, but there was 1 ingredient in the cigarette, tobacco. Today, it’s hard to remember the first 10 ingredients in cigarette tobacco.
b. Also, the way marijuana is grown would be absolutely different. Instead of in a closet of some sketchy kid’s room, it would be grown like a legal crop. But is that really safe?
2. Furthermore on if a big business got rights to the crop; the whole structure of marijuana growth would be different.
a. Most crops today are sprayed with numerous chemicals.
b. Smoking something with numerous chemicals is obviously unhealthy.
B. Raise your hand if you’ve ever smoked weed. Understandably most of you that have won’t answer honestly. However, if you have, when you are affected by this plant you feel like not doing anything productive am I right? I mean yes, you may want to do stuff, but most likely, this stuff will be fun. My point is, if marijuana is legalized, America would lose its place in the world.
1. According to all my friends that use marijuana, there really isn’t anything they do productive unless they show up to class or work high.
a. For instance, I have evaluated my friends use of marijuana over the past couple years of my life and the main things they do on this drug is eat, smoke more weed, watch a movie, pass out on the couch after watching a movie.
b. I’m not saying most people will be lazy and not doing anything on pot, but they’d rather do something fun, like go to a trampoline place.
2. My other point to this is that weed