Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana

All people have their own particular views about everything and possess their own beliefs on everything as well. In the following contents of this persuasive piece, I am going to convince you that Marijuana isn’t near as bad as it is depicted or publicized. I feel as if people instantaneously are against the idea of marijuana, because the public views it as a “Recreational drug.” Our government is a very powerful force and they are able to do essentially anything that they want. Why would one limit the usage of an all-natural plant, especially being as resourceful as Marijuana has the potential to be? Imagine all of the different productions Marijuana could be used as. The obvious main usage for this “Substance,” is for recreational usage, another great usage is medically. It has been proven numerous amounts of times that Marijuana can help with many health issues such as: Chemotherapy, neuropathic pain, nausea, glaucoma, and other movement disorders. I hope to show you all of the pros and cons to Marijuana, with the pros outweighing the cons. In civilized America, people tend to be very judgmental and feel is if they have some sort of entitlement over everyone else. In my personal opinion, Marijuana needs to be completely legal everywhere you go. My first logical reasoning behind Marijuana needing to be legal is: it would boost our economy at an incredible rate. It would be utilized for very many things, such as: paper products, foods, medicines, essential oils, nutritional supplements, construction, hygiene products, molded plastics, and possibly textiles. If there were no laws prohibiting the usage of Marijuana, it would essentially dissipate as a problem. Our government spends nearly 3.5 Billion dollars per year on the war on drugs, which is an absolute waste of money, because clearly it has done nothing to improve our country at all. It has stopped some drugs from being transported illegally into the United States, but this makes no difference at all because criminals will do whatever it takes to make their money, even if that means possibly killing someone. If we were to legalize, then there wouldn’t be near as much violence, or hostility between The United States and Mexico. All of these things are very evident to be in the peoples favor. The only reason that our government hasn’t legalized is because they believe it to be “Harmful” to the consumer, which it really isn’t. If all of a sudden our government is concerned with everyone’s health and being, then why wouldn’t they outlaw cigarettes and alcohol? Marijuana has yet to cause anyone to decease, while alcohol and cigarettes both kill many people. Cigarettes are the cause to one in every five deaths in the United States; alcohol on the other hand causes roughly 80,000 deaths per year, making it the third leading cause of mortality in America. With these two statements being said, try justifying why either alcohol or cigarettes are legal. Meanwhile Marijuana has never been directly related to a death. Although there have been cases filed, where the local authorities claimed that Marijuana may have been present, but I have yet to find a single case where Marijuana was the leading cause. At this point you are thinking how ironic this sounds. This natural plant that grows from the ground is absolutely harmless if ingested correctly. It is obvious that the actual act of smoking