Legalization on Marijuana Essay

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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized Marijuana should be legalized in every state, why you may ask? It is time to give the right of the people back with their own and personal freedom! Marijuana has never been proven to kill anyone by usage or overdose. Actually, recent studies show that smoking marijuana once or twice a week, or even on a daily basis, may help your lungs in certain breathing conditions. Apparently, it is less addictive than coffees, and the THC toxins in the substance, are less toxic than Nicotine. Regardless of the harmful effects many people still smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, even though it is more harmful than actual war; which is sad, considering we have a n easier simpler alternative that can make our lives better in each and every way. Marijuana prohibition must not, and cannot be consistently enforced in the United States. The US has failed to control the use of domestic production of weed, considering over millions of Americans, including President Obama, in recent interviews and confessions, have used it. The most outlandish and truthful lie about weed history though, is it is biased on lies and misunderstood information. Cost of making and keeping weed illegal, is very expensive, and a waste of America’s tax dollars. Billions of dollars are spent trying to deny it to people. But, it is a natural-born crop, as well as a herb that causes no physical harm, and should be used in any form possible to help our individualized communities; So save lives, save money, save communities! Marijuana laws deviate or turn aside, legitimate criminal justice goals. There are more people in jail over weed possession, than actual criminals. Marijuana is not a lethal drug, but it is