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Yanez 1 Karla Yanez
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4 March 2015
The Legalization of Marijuana

One of the top major controversial issues today is whether or not marijuana should be

legalized. Marijuana is one of the top drugs that are used around the world. It may be a drug, but it isn’t the worst out there. Everyone sees marijuana as a real bad drug. Some even see it next to the level of cocaine or crack. There are drugs that are legalized, for example, alcohol and tobacco that have lead people to worst drugs or to death. Marijuana on the other hand, could possibly make a better difference. There are many problems that the country is facing, for example, the economy or the amount of space in the prisons. Marijuana should be legalized because it is beneficial in some ways and it would solve many of our problems.

If marijuana was legalized, it would help the economy so much. It would help save

millions or even billions in taxes. There have been four states so far that have already legalized marijuana for recreational use. Those states are Alaska, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. In
November of 2012, Colorado became the first state in the United States to fully legalize marijuana. “
Colorado earned $5.4 million from medical cannabis sales taxes between 2011 and
” (
Martin, 8). And that was not even from legalizing it yet. All this money came from just the fact that they had it for medical use only. Now that they have legalized it, the amount of money that has been earned has tripled. All the money that can be earned from legalizing marijuana can help in so many ways.

Yanez 2 Legalizing marijuana would help the economy and that money could help prison wise. It would reduce the amount of space in the prisons. Tons of people are put into jail each year because of marijuana usage or because they get caught in the process of dealing it. The government spends millions of dollars each year to build more and more prisons to put people in.
If marijuana was legalized that wouldn’t be a problem anymore and prisons would have more space. That would be one less reason to have to build more prisons.The economy would grow dramatically. The amount of money that would be saved up and be collected would also be very helpful because we can start using it to build schools or to help with health care. Health care isn’t free but if the economy started growing, it would help it be more affordable.
In addition to marijuana’s benefits, it has been proven helpful in treating symptoms of medical conditions. Marijuana should be legalized because it can help with health issues. There are people all over who are diagnosed with cancer, arthritis,anorexia and other painful conditions; marijuana could be used as a medical treatment for all of those things. People who have anorexia are people who are very skinny because they lose their appetite. However with the usage of marijuana, they get hungry and it makes them want to eat. Many other people use it for relaxation, or for stress and pain relief. There are many people who use it in their cooking, use it as a tea or even a body oil to sooth their bodies. Marijuana doesn’t have to be for just smoking.
Scientists have been up and down doing their research and finding ways to use marijuana for medical treatment. There are oils people use or even THC. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and it is a chemical made from marijuana which is used in medical marijuana. Marijuana has been proven to kill cancer cells with TCH. According to Dr. Mark Surcus, researchers found that