Same-Sex Marriage And Religion: An Inappropriate Relationship

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Same-Sex Marriage and Religion: An Inappropriate Relationship

Hector Gouger

English 102: 12659
13 March 2014

Hector Gouger
Professor Borchers
English 102: 12659
March 13, 2014
Same-Sex Marriage and Religion: An Inappropriate Relationship
The United States of America is headlined for freedom and the idea of the American dream. Liberalism is a common practice and same-sex marriage is a contentious political and religious issue causing a divide in American public policy. In the essay, “Same-Sex Marriage and Religion: An Inappropriate Relationship”, featured in e-Research: A Journal of Undergraduate Work, the author details the explosive relationship between religion, morality and law rooted on California’s Proposition 8 prohibiting previously accepted gay marriages. It uses logical fallacies about a controversial topic as an attention-grabbing device, while using logos to structure the article’s principal claim. The essay articulates a defense for freedom of equality in a liberalistic society composed of opposing and supportive views against same-sex marriage. The e-Research: A Journal of Undergraduate Work is Chapman University’s electronic journal of undergraduate research featuring recent scholarly research and creative work by Chapman’s undergraduates. This online research journal provides outside scholars and interested audiences access to academic research relevant to their interest. On this website, you can search any topic about common issues or informational issues that are occurring in society today. In the essay, “Same-Sex Marriage and Religion: An Inappropriate Relationship”, published in 2010, undergraduate student Brittney Baker effectively voices to all possible audiences an opinion on the conflicting belief among the gay and religious communities, along with the governments interference with the acceptance of this progressive movement. According to Brittney Baker’s argument, “
Our society is evolving and Same-Sex marriage is becoming an omen
If what is advocated for in this article is correct then a far reaching and surprising conclusion must be drawn. The only sustainable argument against same-sex marriage that can be endorsed from a position of public reason turns out to be a wedge by which the entire civic institute of legal state-sanctioned marriage is to be overthrown and no longer seen as publicly justifiable. In its place, a politically liberal position demands an egalitarian endorsement of civil-unions that avoids stigmatizing any group under the auspices of “separate but equal.” If the sanctity of marriage is to be protected from same-sex marriage as the rhetoric of some would demand, then it must be protected in the only realm from which it can be meaningfully held in sanctity; that of the private realm. In the public sphere of a liberal democratic society it is the equality of liberty which must be guarded as sacrosanct from the civic point of view. Homosexuality has been around forever, accept it or not, they will be here as long as this world exist. They only want the same benefits the rest of us do by being legally married. They want to raise children without fear of losing them. Children are raised with the same care and love by homosexual couples as heterosexual couples. This country was founded on the principle of separation of church and state. This was put in place so we could make our own choses to believe in any church we want or not at all. Marriage should be for every human being that is at an appropriate age and their free will. And that is how it should be written, and that is how it should be done.
The subject of homosexual marriage is incredibly polarizing. Difficult concepts such as religion, civil liberties, sex, human relationships, psychology and child-rearing all meet at one explosive crossroad. Regardless of your personal feelings on the subject, it helps to take a step back and read