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Khoa Luật - Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội
Address: Nhà E1, 144 đường Xuân Thủy - Cầu Giấy - Hà Nội
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Dear Admission Officer,
It is my great pleasure to write in recommendation of Mr. Nguyen Tran Hung as a potential candidate for your post graduate program. As his lecturer in Contract Law course as well as her guidance teacher on dissertation, I have a very good opportunity to assess this student socially and academically.
Mr. Nguyen Tran Hung was succesful to prove his intellect and passion for study through interactive learning-style in my class. Being one of the brightest students, he demonstrated remarkable thinking as well as teamwork skills when it came to solving case studies in group discussion. In addition, Mr. Nguyen Tran Hung’s active participation in class made him more distinguished. Hardly did I find him not raise a smart question or not contribute an excellent ideas to the issues during my lession, which, in my opinion, is convincing evidence of inquistive mind, dedication to her pursuit of knowledge and a demonstration of analytical ability.
Under my guidance on graduate dissertation, I have more opportunity to evaluate this student under rigorous academic environment. Numerous students find it extremely strict and demanding when work with me because of my emphasis on great attention to detail, thoroughness in writing and following the deadlines I set. Not to fall of my expectation, Hung successfully fulfilled