Another Train Full Of Jews In Arezzo Italy

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Another train full of Jews left town yesterday afternoon. German Forces have been taking Jews by force from their homes all throughout Arezzo Italy, and bringing them to an unknown location. Only this time, someone requested to board the train. Dora Orefice a young Italian woman demanded to be let onto the train that her Jewish husband and son were already on.

The Germans who believe they are ‘racially superior’ compared to the Jews, have been following this routine for years but have never come across anyone who wanted to or willingly went with them. It is no secret that everyone who has boarded one of there trains were never heard of again. Which makes it extremely questionable why an Italian would want to put herself into the dangerous position the Jews are in.

One member of the German Forces says Mrs. Orefice had entered the train station looking lost and slightly out of place. She claimed that their had been a mistake with her family being taken, and tried reasoning with them.

The only response she could get from them was “There has been no mistake, now go home.”

Another solder who had been watching Mrs. Orefice’s actions says she began yelling, “Let me on that train!” as it began pulling away from the station.

Although the location where all the Jewish residents throughout Europe are being taken to is unknown, it is not difficult to assume it is not somewhere pleasant. They are all forcefully taken against