Lifeguard Narrative

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Over the summer, I worked as a lifeguard at my local country club. It was a beautiful night, 88 degrees, and a slight breeze and some families were lounging the barbeque spot in the club. But one family thought that leaving a candle lit on a very flammable wooden picnic table in the middle of a woodsy area would be a good idea. Thank god my boss hired a wimpy kid like me to be there that day.
The manager of the pool (my boss) told me to lock the parking lot gate. Jackie another lifeguard and I went on our way. We smelled smoke, but we didn’t know where the scent was coming from. We didn’t see smoke until we came about 10 feet away from brush fire on this wooden picnic table surrounded by trees and woods. Jackie and I were perplexed at first and thought it was something else, so
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By the time we were back, we saw the blazing flames were leaping from the barbeque area. The table and the umbrella were up in flames. In a panic, we sprung over the fence and attempted to put out the fire. At that moment, was when my true instincts came out.
All we had was a bottle of water, a red solo cup of Pepsi, and a cooler of ice to ease the fire. Jackie thought of using the soda to put the fire out, and I shouted out “No”! In response, I grabbed the whole cooler of ice and dumped the whole thing on the table. In a matter of seconds, all you heard was a loud and eerie sizzle. A burst of smoke came about, and the smoke started to blind our eyes. I sprinted to the front entrance calling over Ed the manager of the pool. Luckily Jackie and I stopped the fire in time for all hell breaks loose. The whole barbeque area would have been in flames and the country club would have been closed for the season and if not permanently. I felt like a hero that day, that day the feeling of transitioning from a child to an adult came into my mind. The fire truck came in with the deafening roar of