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Part One
Chapter One 1. A young girl named scout lived with her dad Atticus and her brother Jem, her mother died when she was two from a heart attack 2. A) Atticus does not like criminal law because he does not like to feel guilty for putting people to death.
B) Atticus is a good father and gives both his kids a fair chance and plays with them whenever he can.

3. Bob Radley also known as Arthur Radley and he is a figure of fear and mystery because he only leaves his house at night and appears to be mentally or physically challenged in some way and was also a part of gang when he was a kid. 4. Scout and Jem are brother and sister and as most brothers and sisters, they have their ups and downs and Dill is there friend who lives down the road.

Piety: a virtue that can mean religious devotion, spirituality, or a combination of both.
Malevolent: Bad, Mean, Evil

Chapter Two

5. When the teacher tells scout to tell her dad to stop teaching her and that Miss Caroline will try and undo the damage. 6. Miss Caroline is making scout feel guilty for being educated while Atticus makes the kids feel as equal as possible.
Apprehensive: Anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen
Condescend: Show feelings of superiority * Chapter Three * 7. Miss Caroline saw a "cootie" is Burris’s hair and sent him home and he was also ill mannered, this can reflect on the whole family 8. Scout was sure that she didn't want to go back to school because she didn't want to have to refrain from reading and writing but Atticus found a solution to the problem. 9. That you will never understand how someone feels unless you are them. * Tranquillity: quality or state of being tranquil. * Monosyllabic: having a vocabulary composed primarily of monosyllables or short, simple words. * * Chapter Four * 10. When they are out in the yard and they couldn't decide what to play, so Scout suggested that they roll in an old tire. Jem kept the treasures in a trunk in his room and the other kids were baffled as to who would leave their treasures in the knothole of the oak tree. * Auspicious: Conducive to success; favourable: "an auspicious moment to hold an election’ * Melancholy: A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness.

Chapter Five

11. Miss Maudie Atkinson loves gardening, baking cakes and is a widow, Scout could be attracted to Miss Atkinson as a sort of mother figure and she believes that Boo Radley is still alive because she has not seen a coffin leave the house.

Benevolence: desire to do well to others
Asinine: Extremely stupid or foolish

Chapter Six & Seven

12. Boo is obviously trying to reach out to the children. He uses what he has to extend gifts like the chewing gum, the ball of twine and the pocket watch. Boo also mends Jem's pants when he got them caught running away. This could suggest that Boo is not as scary and mean as they think he is. It all comes to an end when the hole in the tree is covered with concrete.

Prowess: Skill or expertise in an activity or field
Malignant: disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately.

Chapter Eight

13. With Mr.Nathan fighting the fire and Mrs.Radley passing away in the early stages of the chapter it is clear that Boo Radley is the person who gave Scout and Jem the blanket.

Aberration: the act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course
Unfathomably: not able to be fathomed, or completely understood

Chapter Nine

14. This shows that Atticus will defend a client to the best of his ability no matter what the race and will not fall to the pressure of the town.

Guilelessness: free from guile; sincere; honest; straightforward; frank.
Tenterhooks: one of the hooks or bent nails that hold cloth stretched on a tenter.

Chapter Ten

15. Jem and Scout think their father is really old and can’t do anything interesting, or even play…