Listening To Music Analysis

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Music has been embedded into our everyday live through the radio and the creation of iTunes and we are wreaking the benefits. Student of all grades would be relaxed and have fun if music was played during breaks every Friday. Fridays are thought to be an easygoing day but that all changes when packed with quizzes and tests. Over the loudspeaker, the chosen deejays would play music that coincides with the genre of the week. These deejays would be elected or appointed seniors who have a passion for music. Music does get played on rare occasions but I believe the student body would appreciate a consistent presence of music on campus and would increase the overall spirit during those draggy days. The stressed students that inhabit Louisville’s …show more content…
Since music administers to both the left and right side of the brain, it can help spark inspiration that might just be proving to be a little elusive (Collingwood). Not only does our attention span grow but also a creative side is opened to evaluate emotions. Listening to music can help one achieve a certain creativity or flair that they would not be able to do on their own. Music also has an effect in a person’s task performance, since it can change moods and give more motivation to the listener (Jordan). Activities seem less strenuous when accompanied by music because it is used as a tool of distraction. However, the distraction cause does not affect the quality just the strain of the activity. If you’re chiefly a pop music fan, you’re likely to be less creative than any other kind of music lover (Sloan). With a school filled with girls, pop music is likely to triumph as the music choice. However, if music would play pop music would be opted out because pop music trains us to expect less from our brains. Barriers of age, background and interests are broken with the unifying effects of music (Collingwood). Louisville puts such an importance on the idea of “UNUM” that it only makes sense to have another activity to unite the student body. Music plays a role in the growth of intelligence and