Essay about Literacy Narrative

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Throughout my childhood, the idea of having a college education was greatly stressed. As a result, it was my duty as the next generational child, to excel in my studies and achieve a life of prosperity and success. Learning became the basic foundation of my growth. Therefore, my youth was overtaken by many hours spent reading and writing what was known to be correct "Standard" English. I first found this to be a great shortcoming, but as I grew older, I began to realize the many rewards acquired by having the ability to be literate.
During adolescence, I began reading and writing through a fundamental learning program called, "Hooked on Phonics." This program consisted of long hours spent reading short novels and writing
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Writing is an area that requires much preparation and efficiency, ultimately resulting in my reluctance to write just for the heck of it. Overall, writing is too complex!
It is rather important to be well-rounded in the aspects of reading and writing. Our country is built on the belief that English is one of the greatest languages of the world and without it anything properly called "thought" is impossible. Although there are many types of different cultures in America, in order for us to communicate, it is greatly emphasized that we all have the ability to speak and write in the same language. For instance, if I were to visit a foreign country, it would be to my benefit to speak the same language as others. This same principle is being stressed in America today. As foreigners migrate to America, they have an obligation to learn the culture, speech and skill, learned by other American citizens and use them to their own advantage as a mean to get ahead in life. It has become a proven fact that in order to succeed in America-with a number of relatively minor although often highly visible exceptions-it is important to speak, read, and understand English as most Americans speak it. It is also a fact that people who don't learn to speak "Standard" English have a much more