My Literacy Narrative

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My literacy narrative is very much similar to every individual. I was admitted North Penn High School where the teaching style was amazing and the sole focus was on academics. I tried hard to score well and keep up with my peers. I would say that my teachers played a crucial role in rendering me a strong foundation in both writing and reading skills. It was only after I graduated with good marks that I was able to showcase my intelligence to my parents and teachers. It all started when I was a child and used to be instructed all the time by my parents. They always said that the key to success in life is good education.
I have had many interesting experiences with my father during my childhood. My father would always know when I struggled with
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This attitude has encouraged me to learn from wherever possible. It doesn’t matter if it is from a small child or from an old person, the thing which matters is that I get to learn something new and extraordinary from them. Learning from different situations of life has helped me develop skills which I couldn’t have learned from university education. Another instance where I learned a very useful life lesson from my father was, when he told me that one must strive for happiness in everything one does in life. I remember the exact words which he told me “Do whatever you like in your life; but it is necessary that you are happy!” Thus, it would be perfect to say that the teachings of my father, about keeping an attitude of learning helped me identify what I wanted to do in my life.
The above literacy narrative of my life shows how life of an individual is a process of learning at every point and one must keep on learning to be better and live happier. It is because of this that my view regarding most of the things has changed hugely. I believe it is necessary that everyone believes in a similar stance. It would change our society at the most fundamental