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Community Care (2009) “Reader debate is raging over when is the best time to enter social work” , Community Care, Issue 1733, Pg 11

The community care magazine had a debate about whether or not people who are the age of 25 should enter social work. They have found out that many people, especially students/ people under 25 who want to in this area disagree with this.

In conclusion the article showed that many people disagree with the statement as they think that as long as you have the right qualifications and are optimistic and enthusiastic you do not need to have life experience. This article is not valid because only 12 people were asked.

Community Care (2011) , “Managers tell employees abuse is part of the job” , Community Care , Issue 1879, Pg 4

The article produced a survey based on how support workers are treated by the bosses. They have found that nearly 16% of respondents reported being physically attacked and that almost 60% were verbally abused.

All in all the support workers accepted this type of treatment because they thought it was part of the job. This article is not valid as it only looked at support workers being abused and not other professionals.

Smith R (2011) , “Social workers play a vital role at high secure hospital” , Community Care , Issue 1879

The article is based on how social workers play an important role at high secure hospitals. A psychiatric patient was held in Broadmoor for 25 years. They found out that the social worker was used to build up his case; they prepared reports for the tribunal. They also found out that in order to provide good quality of care, it is important to look at the individual holistically. This did not only help the individual but it also helped the family.

This is not valid as it only looked at how social workers benefit the individuals and not to the professionals.

Davis R (2009|) , “Excluded from help” , Community Care, Issue 1773, Pg 22-23

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