Ptsd Literature Review

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The following peer review is on the literature review regarding the issue of PTSD in Canadian soldiers. As per the grading rubric, the review will identify strengths and weaknesses in the follow areas: research question, literature review, justification of interdisciplinary and overall composition. The footnotes contain direct fragments from the literature review identifying where my conclusions are drawn from. Also, the review has an appendix with the rubric marking breakdown and suggested questions to improve the research question.

Research Question The subject of PTSD treatment in Canadian veterans is important, and it is one to which the author’s research question could make significant contribution towards. However, the research
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The first sentence and the last sentence are repetitive, both stating what the review will discuss. The sentences that follow introduce ethicalness and veteran integration which are not described in the body of the review. The mid-section of the introduction should be a relevant background for the topic. For example, how many veterans are being treated in Canada unsuccessfully? The last sentence is suitable because it defines what the literature will encompass. In regards to categories, the author does a good job of creating three different categories of focus. The author successfully identifies biological changes to the brain but the other two categories are not as clear. In addition, a concern is that the author summarizes each article rather than extracting information which pertains to their research question. The sources should intertwine, identifying similarities, differences and gaps. Also, there is a detachment between the sources and relationship to the research question. For example, the first article in the public policy category describes public official’s views on PTSD in the United States. The research specifies Canadian veterans with PTSD. There is no connection made to Canada or the views of Canadian public officials. Similarly, treatment protocols are key words in the research question but that is not addressed. Overall, the author should reconsider …show more content…
However, that is a very general assessment; any illness should be treated effectively. The author states that each discipline believes that their research is the most influential in the issue but, none of the articles clearly state that finding. Also, the author identifies gaps within each source but there is no direct connection made with how it relates to the proposed research question. Similarly, the author introduces new concepts of PTSD treatment as a symptom improver , PTSD score and self-regulation which are undefined and clearly related to the research question. Lastly, the author successfully summarizes the entire review. The author does identify which of the sources has the greatest relevance and pertinence to the research question. However, the author introduces a new concept of clinical rehabilitative approaches which was never mentioned earlier in the review. Therefore, the author should improve the analysis of the literature to correlate with the research