Little Princes Reflection Essay

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Lindsey Hinson
LaSherika Bullock
October 20, 2014

In the book Little Princes, by Conor Grennan he documents his adventures of visiting Nepal and how the orphanage affected him. Conor only planned to volunteer at this orphanage for three months then return to his home here in the United States. That was until he discovered that the kids that he thought were orphans were not really orphans, but were victims of child-traffickers. While Conor’s visit to the University of North Carolina Greensboro he delivered a speech that would answer all of the unanswered questions one may have about the book. Conor explained that adoption was banned from Nepal. The reason for this was because the kids that many thought were orphans due to the death of their family members were not really orphans. Child-traffickers had taken them away from their parents. The death certificates the government issued for the death of the parents of the children were more then likely to be fraud. Therefore, the kids could not be adopted anymore. Honestly, I agree with the adoption of kids form Nepal being banned for now. It is only fair for the kids to be reunited with their own families, instead of being brought to the United States where their culture is completely different. At the end of Conor’s speech he discussed his philosophy about helping and serving others. He explained that at first when he had told people about going to volunteer they thought he was crazy and how he explained it to this one girl in a bar and she thought that it was really neat of him to travel to volunteer at an orphanage. When Conor arrived in Nepal he thought that he would just volunteer for the three months and return back home and his adventure would be over, but when he started to get to know the kids he fell in love with being around them and the energy each individual child had. Then when he discovered about the child-trafficking he felt like he had to safe the kids and reunite them with their families. He got to talking to this woman and found out that she had been taking care of seven kids at her own home to save them from child-traffickers. Conor told the woman to bring the kids to the orphanage were they would be fed and have a place to sleep, so she did. Soon after that it was time for Conor to return back home. After being home for a month or so,…