Little Red Riding Hood and Story Essay

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The unseen story of a tale page1

Exhibition of thought ENG125: Introduction to Literature (ABG1247D)

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The unseen story of a tale Page 2

The story of little red riding hood is a story that should be familiar to almost everyone. However, until one has had the pleasure of the knowledge that there is more to a story than just words and they are crafted specifically to make the reader feel or think a certain way sometimes without them even knowing it. One would never stop to give it a second of thought once the picture book had been closed. To identify a story's theme it's necessary to look beyond the plot. The plot tells you what happens in a story, but the theme tells you what the story is about (Journey into literature R. Wayne Clugston 7.1). It is not always easy in some cases to tell exactly what the theme of a story is.

One may come to the conclusion that Little Red Riding Hood is a story of symbolism, a cautionary tale of the dangers that could be in store for a female traveling alone unaware of her surroundings and the danger that awaits. In her case it was goin through the woods alone. The writer used the