Essay on Logic and Outline

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here are basically four main parts of an outline for a research paper. These are the introduction followed by a methodology and main body and finally a conclusion. All the headings and subheadings in a research paper outline are denoted by Roman numerals and capital letters respectively. Headings normally contain the general idea for a particular topic in the research paper. Whereas, the subheadings are used to focus in detail on an argument to support the thesis of the research paper. Outline for a research paper normally is categorical listing of ideas to create an ordered understanding of the matter to be written in a research paper. The outline also shows the interlinking of the different ideas that are present in the research paper.
The first heading in an outline for a research paper is that of the introduction. This is the part where the questions the thesis is supposed to answer are raised. This is also the part of the research paper that points out the different areas that would be highlighted in the research paper. The introduction contains the topic of the research paper and details the basic information about the thesis that is important to have a basic understanding of the thesis as well as the research paper. The most important thing in an introduction is that it should be able to connect the methodology of research to the framework used to solve the issue.
The second part in the outline for a research paper is that of methodology. This section contains the information about the manner in which the research was actually conducted by the student. It also defines the logic and analysis used in order to reach the results shown in the research paper. The reason for the selection of a particular source, the way it was analyzed and from where was the source reached are also the topics that are needed to be discussed in this section.