Lord of the flies character analysis Essay

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Ralph and the conch represented Ego, which represents humanity. He represents Ego because even though he works hard and tries to think things through he has flaws. He is also only concerned about being rescued which is a flaw in his character, when he said, “We want to be rescued; and of course we shall be rescued” (37). Ralph used the conch to obtain order and attempted to be a leader to the boys. But his flaws became apparent as he made fun of Piggy and by killing Simon as well as the pig. The conch symbolizes order, respect, and power. So when it broke it showed that the island became completely mad and out of control, especially Jack’s group, The Reds.
Jack represents Id because he is one of the evil characters in the book. He showed his cruel, heartless self-right at the begging of the book as he took Piggy’s glasses and yelled and looked down at the littluns, the little kids. In the book when, “He tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was swallowing him up” (51), this represents how Jack had become animal like losing all of his humanity and had no intention of being rescued.
Piggy and his glasses symbolize Super-Ego because he tries to maintain order and mediate the group. Piggy cared for the littluns the most. He wanted to know everyone’s name which showed that he was organized. He also tried to enforce and follow the rules. He was the smart, innocent, intelligent one that no one liked to listen to because they wanted to have fun with no rules. When, "Piggy moved among the crowd, asking names and frowning to remember them" (17), it shows how Piggy cares the most about order and other people. Also his glasses symbolize how he can see things more “clearly” than the other boys. He sees things more realistically. So when they broke it made Piggy become more Ego because he started thinking less about everyone else and more for himself.
Roger represents Id because he was the most evil child on the island. He found joy in hurting others and was also the one to kill Piggy, the most intelligent boy on the island. He is also described as “furtive” because society has kept him kind of sane as to not go and kill anyone. But on the island he realized he is free from all of society’s restraint and can now hurt and be who he wants to be, a very evil child.
The Beastie would be Id because it kept creating fear and making them change into like savages. It brought out the evil on the island. It caused Simon to be killed because they thought he was the beast since he entered at the wrong time through the