The Lord Of The Flies: Character Analysis

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Can there really be a human that is superior to another? According to Hitler, the Aryan race was superior to others. This idea is represented through Social Darwinism, the belief that only the strongest and best can survive. In the book The Lord of the Flies and the movie Gattaca, Vincent, Piggy, and Ralph are examples of how overcoming a weakness can either help you survive or die. Vincent, from the movie Gattaca, did not let his heart problems prevent him from achieving his dream of becoming an astronaut. A main character in The Lord of the Flies, Piggy, did not allow his weight and outcasted looks to stop him from fighting to survive. Another main character in The Lord of the Flies, Ralph, maintained his maturity throughout the book, even though he was weakened by the loss of his leadership and friend. All of these characters share similar capabilities and are able …show more content…
Piggy's weakness, just like Vincent's is more physical than mental. Ever since the boys landed on the island, Piggy was pointed out as the outcast due to his figure. Being overweight, he is immediately targeted as weak. Piggy might have not been able to provide and help out the boys with physical activities such as: getting the firewood, hunting for the beast or pigs, and getting fruit. But, everything that he wasn't able to provide physically, he was able to make up for with his specks, that once made him an outcast, but a valuable resource. Without his specks, the boys would not have been able to survive, since the they created a fire. Piggy never let any of the comments on his figure or looks bring him down. He always spoke what he believed. Even though Piggy was killed and the rest of the boys survived, he fought for his life all the way up to his death. Piggy's weaknesses lead to his death, while in Vincent and Ralph's case it helped them to