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Revised English 112 Assignment Information

Assignments and their Percentage of Final Grade:

Research paper – 30%
Attendance and Participation – 20%
Small Assignment 1 – 10%
Small Assignment 2 – 5%
Small Assignment 3 – 5%
Small Assignment 4 – 10%
Small Assignment 5 – 20%

Detailed Assignment List and Descriptions

Small Assignment 1 – Done in class

Choose five of eight questions about short stories

1) The “worst date night ever” scene in Red Dragon is very disturbing, from the tiger touching, to the dentures and smashed mirror in the bathroom she cannot see, to the video tape of the next target family. What did that scene as a whole do for you as a viewer? What made it powerful or scary or stupid? Discuss at least two aspects/ parts of the scene in your answer.
2) “The Lottery” seems like a ridiculous tradition to uphold. Why do you think they first performed the ritual and why do you think they do not stop repeating it?
3) “The Price” challenges readers to imagine themselves in the man’s shoes. Ultimately, he decides to keep allowing the cat to protect them from misfortune in their lives. First, do you like that as the ending? Then, do you think you would act the same, why or why not?
4) In “Masque of the Red Death” we find that the evil party-crasher does not even exist. What does that mean? What did they represent and how do you know? Do you believe the message of the story is achieved through this entity – what is the message and why or why not do you think the message is portrayed through them?
5) We are shown different kinds of evil people in Red Dragon. And not just the obvious bad guys. Name three other characters who are not the dragon or Hannibal that you believe have evil in them in the film and explain your reasoning.
6) A lot of you were laughing at various parts in the film, some parts actually intended to be humorous and others more awkwardly funny because of the insanity of the situations. So – name three of the “funny” parts of the film and explain why you think each of those three scenes were a part of the movie.
7) Setting plays a significant role in all three short stories we read for today. In your view, what did you think the importance of the setting was in each story and be sure to explain!
8) Hannibal tells Will that what makes them smart but also dangerous is that they are the only kinds of people with “imagination.” In context, explain what you believe he meant. Then, in a larger context of our society today, how can we understand that idea?

Small Assignment 2 – Done in class

Five critical questions based on the first episode of Sherlock.

1) Sherlock is kind of a jerk in this series, though clearly brilliant. Do you feel that is his flaw, that he has no empathy? If so, did you feel that was effective characterization for him? If you do not agree that it is his flaw, what do you see as his biggest flaw as a character and why?
2) On the other side, we have Dr. Watson. As Mycroft says to him, “You’re not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson. You miss it. Welcome back.” First, what do you think he means? Second, do you agree with his assessment of Watson?
3) Speaking of Mycroft, the way we are shown him sets him up seemingly as the bad guy until the very end. Did you think he was evil, even Moriarty or the serial killer? Then, when you found out he is Sherlock’s arch-enemy as his brother, someone high up in the government, how and why did your view of him change? Or did it not? Explain.
4) Generally, do you feel the show was a quality mystery? Please give three reasons and explain why you believe each of them to back up your claim.
5) Sherlock remarks to John that being brash is “the frailty of genius, John. It needs an audience.” To what degree do you think that is accurate for both Sherlock and the cabbie serial killer. Then, to what degree do you see its relevance to Hannibal and/or Francis from Red Dragon?

Small Assignment 3 – Done in class