Loyalty: Middle East and Loyalty Essay

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Loyalty is a quality that is found not only in human beings, but also in pet animals, such as dogs, horses or elephants. The word 'loyalty' means fidelity to law' which is generally applicable in the case of the States who are Sovereign. But in its broader sense, it means one's steadfast¬ness in allegiance to a person or cause, or to one's country or sovereign. Loyalty involves obedience, sacrifice and compassion of the heart teaching an animal to obey is an example of loyalty. Loyalty is a very broad term which may be applicable in case of one's family, locality or the country. A loyal per¬son is ready to sacrifice even his own life for the sake of his master, friend, relative or the country. A loyal person bears a moral character, honest outlook, and disciplined manners. People from the
Middle East are loyal to they’re dictator they would do anything to keep them safe. In this world, there are only a few instances of loyal personalities, who are well-known. In those days, some of the kings and emperors were lucky to have certain loyal commanders who fought for their kingdom and saved their masters again and again from the hands of the enemies, even at the cost of their own lives.
Loyalty is common among the courageous soldiers and servants. There are also instances of pet animals, such as dogs, horses or elephants, who, out of loyalty, gave their lives for the interest of their masters.
Loyalty is a quality which is found mainly…