Berlin Airlift Essay

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Berlin Airlift

1) Where is Berlin? Where were the Russians in Berlin? Where were the other power (Allies) in Berlin? WHERE/WHO

Berlin is the capital of Germany, it lies in the north-eastern part of Germany.
The countries in Berlin at this point are: United States,Russia, Britain, and France. The United States occupied the southwest, Russia controlled all of the East,French controlled the far northwest and Britain controlled the middle sector of the west

2) Why did Russia blockade the western part of Berlin? What did they hope to achieve? WHY

After World War II, the U.S. and Russia split Berlin evenly. The U.S. got the western part, and Russia got the Eastern section. Russia was slowly expanding all around them, and they decided that along with the Eastern half, they wanted the Western portion as well. Russia decided to blockade the western part of Berlin to gain more land and more people to add to their empire.

3) How did the United States respond? What did they end up doing? How did they “save” the west Berliners? HOW

The U.S. built a massive airlift to bring in supplies to sustain the population and the troops. it was the greatest relief operation in aviation history. they kept putting more and more pressure on Russia until they had to lift the siege on Berlin. after they did, the Berliner’s loyalty stayed with the western powers and only about twenty thousand accepted the Russian ration cards. To this day there is an annual celebration in West Berlin celebrating the Berlin Airlift.

4) Who won the Berlin crisis? Evaluate how each side was seen in the world after the Berlin Airlift WHAT

The Allied Powers and West Berlin won the Berlin Crisis on May 12 1948. The blockade had failed and hurt the Russians. The Soviet Union suffered a