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Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven was most likely born in Bonn, Germany, December 16, 1770. People don’t really know his exact birthday but he was baptized December 17 and most babies were baptized in less than a day. Beethoven believed he was born in 1772 even when he was showed his official birth papers.
He had 2 brothers that made it into adulthood named Caspar, born in 1774, and Johann, born in 1776.His Mom, named Maria Magdalena, was very moralistic and gentle. His dad, named Johann, was a court singer but was better known for being an alcoholic than for his musical talent. Beethoven’s grandpa was the town Bonn’s most successful musician. Beethoven was very proud of him.
In between the birth of his two siblings his dad began teaching him music in a very brutal way that changed him for the rest of his life. Neighbors saw and heard Beethoven crying being forced to play the clavier, a piano-like instrument. His father would hurt and beat Beethoven at every hesitation or mistake. Almost on a daily basis he would be locked in the cellar and sleep deprived to study the clavier and violin. Because of these painful methods he became a very talented musician. When Beethoven was 7, he had his first public recital
He attended a Latin grade school called Tirocinium. One of his classmates said “Not a sign was to be discovered of that spark of genius which glowed so brilliantly in him afterwards.” Beethoven was an average student when he was at his best. Some biographers have guessed that he had dyslexia. When he was 10, he quit school to do music full time.
By 1784 his voice was