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There are many situations in a business where customers may feel unsatisfied with the service they have been provided and can cause them to make complaints but if they are happy and satisfied with the service then the waiters could get tipped and it can bring in many good comments and praises to the business and makes a customer want to come back.
Good interpersonal skills can lead to a good amount of profit and can bring a good experience for a customer

In pizza hut if an employee was to chew chewing gum and slouch, the customer may feel very uncomfortable in the restaurant and might not feel very welcome at all. This is because it is very unprofessional and it does not help the business in terms of good service. This may lead to many complaints and causes the business to lose customers.

Another example of an employee not living up to a business standard is when they are not dressed professionally or smartly and they do not have good hygiene. This can affect the business because the customer will feel disgusted and will put them off the food and they will not eat. This can lead to customer complaints to the manager and a possibility of a bad word being spread around. This means that people might place bad comments on the internet or gossip to their friends which can lose a lot of customers for the business.

Another example of bad interpersonal skills in a business is not giving a customer eye contact when they are talking to you. This is bad because customers begin to feel like they are not being paid any attention by the employee if the employee is looking around the room and will make them feel uncomfortable. By this happening, the customer will feel uncomfortable and it will make them feel like they are not welcome to the restaurant therefore they might not come again or could put in a complaint. By this happening, the business loses customers therefore they lose money and profit and could start to fall in debt if the amount of complaints increases.

One more example of bad interpersonal skills is when an employee does not have or does not show good expressions whilst working. Showing negativity whilst working can make a happy customer feel unwelcome and can lead to the impact of them complaining if they do not feel that the employee is not there to help them or they do not look like they want to be there. Again, this can lose customers for the business and can cause the customer to have less money and more complaints.

For a business to run successfully there needs to be positive interpersonal skills in order for customers to be happy for them to spend money in the business.

One example of showing good interpersonal skills in a business is when an employee greets a customer at the door by holding the door for them and showing them to their table. This is effective for customers because this makes them feel welcome and makes them feel like they are wanted at the restaurant and they will be encouraged to either spend more money at the restaurant or come to the restaurant again. Things like this can bring a lot more money into the business